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Otto 3.3.0 Released

· 2 min read

Requires FileMaker Server 19.5

Last week, Claris released FileMaker Server v19.5.1, with many great new features. This week, we are releasing Otto 3.3.0 with full support for this new version. Check out the version history for more information.

FMS v19.5 and Otto v3.3.0 go together

Otto version 3.3.0 requires FileMaker Server 19.5 or greater and vice versa. The Data Migration Tool that Otto uses is tied to a specific version of FileMaker Server. That isn't always the case with every update. But it is with this one. That means you can't mix and match the two on the same machine.

However an Otto server running fms 19.4 and Otto 3.2.0 can work with another one running FMS 19.5 and Otto 3.3.0.

Ubuntu 20

One of the significant changes in FileMaker Server 19.5 is support for the latest Ubunto release, Ubunto 20 LTS (Focal Fossa). Otto 3.3.0 is required to run on this new platform. Earlier versions of Otto will not work on ubuntu 20.

New Data Migration Tool

A new version of the Claris FileMaker Data Migration Tool is included in this Otto version for all platforms.

Improved Google Groups Oauth

Otto has been able to do Google Groups Oauth for a while, but FileMaker Server 19.5 has made this even more manageable with its new configuration setup for Custom Auth.