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Setting up Migrator

ReadMe file

Expand the zip file that you received in the download and open the Migrator folder. You'll see three items:

  • Migrator.fmp12
  • Change_Log.txt
  • ReadMe.txt

Migrator is the most straightforward way to interact with Otto. Migrator is a FileMaker file that works directly with Otto's API. Using Migrator, you can monitor your server and configure automated migrations. This is a great way to become familiar with Otto’s key features. Migrator can be run on your local machine or hosted and served via a FileMaker Server.


In order to use Migrator, you will need:

  • FileMaker Pro 18 or higher
  • FileMaker Server 18 or higher
  • Otto

Before you start

  1. Download the latest version of Migrator.

  2. Collect the following information about your FileMaker Server:

    • Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)

    • FileMaker Server Admin Console credentials

Setting up migrator

  1. Locate and unzip the Migrator zip file.

The ReadMe.rft document which contains important information required for the setup of the Migrator file:

  • Default Encryption key
  • Login credentials
  1. Open Migrator and enter the default encryption key Ottom@tic. (We highly recommend changing your encryption key for security reasons.)

  2. Log in with the account FirstRun and leave the password empty.

  3. Read and acknowledge the terms.

  4. When prompted, enter a new password for Migrator’s admin account.


    Remember this password. You will need it to open Migrator from now on. The next time you open Migrator, you will log in using the account Admin and the password you’ve just created.

  5. Follow the prompts to add a new server. You will need the server's Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and the FileMaker Server admin console credentials for the server you are adding.

After setting up migrator

In order to perform a migration, you'll need to set up at least two servers using the + button in the lower-left corner. See the servers page for more information. Once you have multiple servers set up, you're ready to perform a migration.

Sharing Migrator With Multiple Users

Migrator can be served to multiple users with FileMaker Server, but during the initial setup, keep Migrator on your local machine. If you'd like to upload the file to your server, do so after you add a password to the file in the initial configuration.

Video walkthrough

This video walks through the process of setting up and performing a migration with Migrator and Otto.