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Otto 3.3.0 Migration Error


Resolved in Otto 3.3.1


Migration fails with a Segmentation fault (core dumped): The issue is specific to FileMaker Server and Otto 3.3.0.

The Otto logs and results will say that the migration is done with warning: some files did not complete. When you look at the results of the migration you will see lines like the ones below in the Migration Results.

data migration Failed! FMDataMigrationError: Error: Command failed: "/opt/Otto/bin/fmdatamigrator/linux/18/FMDataMigration" -src_path "/opt/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/Appointments.fmp12" -src_account **removed** -src_pwd **removed** -clone_path "/opt/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/_Otto_Appointments.fmp12" -clone_account **removed** -clone_pwd **removed** Segmentation fault (core dumped). since the data migration failed, the original local file was left unchanged.


Resolved with the release of Otto 3.3.1.


Download the verison of the Data Migration Tool matching the operating system of the server on which Otto is installed, from here.

Unzip the archive and replace the FMDataMigration binary at the corresponding location below with the Binary from the archive.

  • Mac: /Applications/Otto/bin/fmdatamigrator/mac/FMDataMigration
  • Ubuntu 18.04: /opt/Otto/bin/fmdatamigrator/linux/18/FMDataMigration
  • Ubuntu 20.04: /opt/Otto/bin/fmdatamigrator/linux/20/FMDataMigration

For Windows you must replace the contents of the directory below with the contents of the downloaded archive.

  • Windows: %Program Files%\Otto\bin\fmdatamigrator\win\

Once the binary has been replaced restart the Otto service.