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New features in version 3

Get the latest version

If you already have Otto you can get the latest version from your account. If you are new to Otto, you can download the free version or buy a license.

Linux support

Otto now runs on everybody's favorite server platform, Linux.

Application logging

Application Logging lets you write to a server-side log that you can see using Otto's web console. This is a great way to do things like debug scripts that are running on the server, or log events that are otherwise not visible to a user.

Webhook receiver

Otto's Webhook Receiver makes building data integrations easier by removing much of the friction around receiving data from webhooks and web services. It is also a great way to upload data from an offline FileMaker Go app.

Extensible developer REST API

You can write your own REST API endpoints that trigger javascript functions on your server. This is a great way to do things like integrate with other services or further automate developer operations tasks.

OAuth with Google Groups

Experimental — If your organization uses Google Workspace for email and Groups, you can use Google Group Membership to manage users for your FileMaker applications. for more information.


Migration speed

The migration process has been improved in two ways. First, opening and closing files is significantly faster; sometimes, twice as fast. Second, the backup process is nearly instant in a single-disk configuration. Otto can detect whether the migration backup location is on the same disk, and if it is, it will now simply move the file instead of copying it.

Disk usage

If you are using a single disk for your FileMaker Server, you will need approximately 30% less disk space than before