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Upgrading from previous versions

Upgrading Otto (Mac/Windows)

  1. Uninstall Otto using the UninstallOtto application found in the Otto folder.
  2. Download the new installer onto your server.
  3. Run the new installer.

Upgrading Otto (Linux)

  1. Uninstall Otto via command line using
sudo apt remove otto-app-fms

or if you are running otto on a claris server you will need to run

sudo apt remove otto-app-claris
  1. Download the new installer file onto your server.
  2. cd to the directory containing downloaded installer file
  3. Run the new installer via command line
sudo apt -y install ./otto-app_|version|_amd64.deb

Make sure you substitute |version| for the version string found in the new installer. For example,

sudo apt -y install ./otto-app_3.0.1_amd64.deb