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Getting help

We are here to help

Setting up and running applications on your servers may not be something that many FileMaker developers have done before. We understand that if you are new to server administration, this may be a challenge. We are here to help.

Start with documentation

We have written extensive documentation for Otto. The search field is in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can also bring it up using your keyboard with Command-K (Mac) or Alt-K (Windows).

If you have suggestions for improving the documentation, please click the blue button on the bottom right of the screen to send us feedback.

Send us a message

If you can't find what you need with the docs, , or email us at . You can also click the blue button on the bottom right of any page to fill out the contact form. We will answer within 24 hours.

Office Hours

We have regularly scheduled Office Hours via Zoom. They are the perfect place to ask questions and learn from our experts and other users. They are free to register and attend.

Need more?

We have Otto Onboarding Sessions available for $500. You or members of your team get to work with one of our Otto Certified Engineers over a Zoom session (up to 90 minutes). Before the session, we will ask you to fill out a brief survey to gather all the necessary information. During the session, we will work with you to (a) install and configure up Otto on two servers that you control, and (b) perform a sample migration between the two servers.

Purchase an Onboarding Session

Once we receive your order we will contact you to kick things off.