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API Keys

Proxy introduction

Otto provides a proxy over the FileMaker Server Data API. A 'proxy' is just a wrapper around another service that provides some additional features over the service it wraps. In this case, Otto's proxy service provides two additional features over the Data API.

  1. API Keys

    Easily get long-lived Api Tokens you can use in place of the session tokens to Authenticate to the API. Behind the scenes, Otto saves the Database Token and will log in as needed to get a fresh token.

  2. Access from Browsers

    The FileMaker Data API does not call JavaScript Running in a browser to connect through to the API. This Proxy will let you do that.

You use the Proxy almost exactly how you use the FileMaker Data API. Read this article for more information on the differences and how to use it.

You can also list keys and delete keys through the Developer API

Otto Developer API module utility file

Otto Developer API module

We've provided a file that will help you create an API key. This file also includes example scripts for Application logging.

Downloading the file

Downloading the file

Click the download link to get the FileMaker file that will let you create API keys to use with the Otto proxy.

Get an API key

  1. Enter the url to the Otto server and the FileMaker Server credentials and click Test Server connection. Success config window
  2. Check that the DataAPI is enabled on the FileMaker Server Connectors>FileMaker Data API panel. Dapi Success
  3. Do a test GET of the files on the server by clicking the Get Files button. A list of the files should now be available from the popup menu. Test GET of the files shown in drop down
  4. Select a file and enter full access credentials. Click Get API Key. If the credentials are valid, the API Key will be created.

Remember to select the extended privilege set "fmrest" in the file's Security for the privilege set that you wish to use for dataAPI calls.

Manage keys

The bottom half of the API Key panel contains a portal of the active API keys. You can copy, view and quickly delete them.

Manage keys

Using the proxy

There are three differences, between using the proxy and the regular data Data API Endpoint

  1. Different Port

    Use Otto's Port to access the same documented URLs the data API provides. By default that port is 3030. For example notice the '3030' in the second line below. Everything else is the same.



  2. Get an API Key

    Instead of logging into


    login to


  3. Delete an API Key

    Instead of deleting a token at


    delete the ApiKey at this url