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Migration log

Migration log

Each migration will be logged here, whether successful or not. The information captured is somewhat self-explanatory, but let's review:

  • Migration Id - the unique Id created for each migration. Clicking this Id will take you to more details as described here.
  • Files - the number of files involved in the migration.
  • Started - the migration starting timestamp as captured from the server on which Otto is installed.
  • Status
    • Done - successful migration
    • Done with Warning - completed with errors
    • Info - migration is in progress
    • Failed - migration did not complete
  • Actions - three actions are available as described here.

Migration actions

Restore from backup

Before a migration begins, Otto creates a backup of all files on the target server. You can restore those files from the backup by clicking the restore button.

Restore from backup Warning

Redo migration

Quickly redo a migration by clicking this button.

Redo migration

Delete a migration

Simply deletes the migration definition. The backups made as part of the migration are also deleted. No other files are affected.

Delete a migration

Migration details

Click on the Migration ID in the migration's log to view all the migration details. Migration details

Migration results

The top of this detail form shows high level meta data about the migration. The tabs below reveal all the detail captured by Otto.

File migration results

Listed are the files involved and whether they closed, migrated and opened successfully.

Data migration results

See the complete log as generated by the FileMaker Data Migration Tool.

Data migration results

Migration log

Step by step capture of each event that transpired during the migration and its duration.

Migration log


If you ever redo a migration, you'll find a record of that event in this log.

Single Migration log

Downloads available

Two helpful downloads are available from the migration detail page.

Download original migration

A complete JSON document that describes the migration. Download original migration

Download migration with result

All of the above JSON as found in the Download Original Migration plus more properties describing the migration result. Download migration with result