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Application Logging


Otto has a REST endpoint that you can use to log application events. The Application Log Token is available on the Configuration screen. This feature requires full License.

Application Log Token

How It Works

It takes the following parameters:

  • level - The log level. Should be one of debug, verbose, http, info, warn, error.
  • message - The message to log.
  • token - The string you retrieved from the configuration page as noted above.

A timestamp is automatically added to the log prior to it being written to the log file.


POST /api/app-log

"level": "info",
"message": "This is a log message",
"token": "my-token-secret"

Log File

The files are currently written to Otto/logs/. They are also immediately viewable and searchable through Otto's Log Viewer, which is available through Otto's web console.

Log Viewer

OttoDeveloperAPI Utility File

Proof+Geist provides a FileMaker utility file that includes example scripts to show you how to create log entries. This file also provides the ability to create an API key for use with Otto's proxy to the FileMaker Server data API, as described here.

Downloading the OttoDeveloperAPI Utility File

Downloading the OttoDeveloperAPI Utility File

Click Download to save the utility file to your preferred downloads directory.

App Log Token

To protect access to the logs, the Application Logger requires a token. Click Get An App Log Token to open the Otto web console and copy the token.

App Log Token

Paste the token in the App Log Token field.

View the Otto Log Viewer

Click Go to Otto Log Viewer in the Otto Developer API Module to open the Otto web console so that you'll be ready to view the log entries we will create in the next step using the example scripts.

Create a Log Entry

We've provided two example scripts to demonstrate how to create a log entry.

  • Info log entry - this writes a log entry to Otto's app-info.log.

Info log entry

  • Error log entry - this writes a log entry to Otto's app-error.log

Error log entry

Working With Log Entries

Refresh, Download and Clear

As with the other logs available from the Log Viewer, you can Refresh, Download and Clear each log. You'll receive a helpful warning if you select Clear.

Search a Log

Quickly filter the log by any text value by entering search criteria.

Search a Log

Adding logging to your solution

The OttoDeveloperAPI.fm12 file referenced above, includes all the code you will need to add logging to your solution. Here is how to add it.

  1. Copy the folder Otto App Log into your solution.
  2. Open the Config script in that folder and follow the instructions to configure the module for your server.
  3. Use the example scripts in Otto App Log Examples folder in OttoDeveloperAPI.fm12 as a guide to creating log entries.