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Demo Migration

Performing a migration, requires a full commercial Otto license. But we do have a way for you to try a migration with the free license. This lets you try the migration feature without having to purchase Otto. This document will explain how that works.

Use a special file name

Otto will let you migrate any file that has a name that begins with "Proof_Geist_Otto". We have demo file for you to use that is ready to go. You can download that below. Or you can rename copies of your own files to try it out. For example if you have a file named "ACME_Customers.fmp12", make a copy and change its name to "Proof_Geist_Otto_ACME_Customers.fmp12" and Otto will allow you to migrate that file.

Complete test

If you use your own file or files as described above, you can get an accurate test of a migration with your exact file set. However this isn't meant to be a permanent solution. It is just meant as a way to test the migration feature.

Demo migration file

Download the file here: Proof_Geist_Otto.fmp12

Credentials for the demo file are:

  • user name: admin
  • password: admin
  • encryption key: admin