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Google Account Credentials

Standard Googe Auth

Start by following the FileMaker Server OAuth instructions for Google. Once you have completed those instructions you will be ready to start with the additional setup for Otto.

Service Account Setup

The goal here is to get a JSON file containing the credentials for a special Service accounts that will let Otto get the Google Groups that a user is a member of. We do that by setting up the account and then getting the "Keys". Here is a video


  1. Go To Google Developer console -

  2. Choose the same project that you used to set up your FileMaker Server Oauth Client

    1. 'fms-oidc' is the name of the project in this walk-through. Your name will be whatever you set it to be.
  3. Navigate to Service Accounts

    1. -

  4. Click Create Service Account

  5. Fill in the form, and click "CREATE AND CONTINUE"

  6. Click Done!

  7. Click on the Service Account you just created in the list of Service Accounts

    1. Click Advanced Settings
    2. Click "Create Google Workspace Marketplace Compatible Client
    3. Copy the Client Id
    4. Click "View Google Workspace Admin Console"
  8. You will need to nav to Domain Wide Delegation, to give the Oauth 2 Client the right scopes

  9. Add New

    1. Paste the client ID from the step above.
  10. Copy and Paste the following into 'Oauth scopes comma delimited'.

  11. Click "Authorize"

  12. Get Keys. Go back to ,

    1. make sure correct project is selected in the top left.
    2. click your new Service Account
  13. Choose Keys, then ADD KEY ➝ Create new key

  14. Choose JSON and then CREATE

  15. The JSON file will be downloaded to your computer.

  16. YAY