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Data API Proxy

Enabling the proxy

You can toggle the Proxy on and off using Otto's web console at https://<>:3030/app/apikeys

Differences with the FileMaker Data API

There are three differences between using the proxy and the regular Data API endpoint. Otherwise, the FileMaker Data API documentation should apply to the proxy. Please let us know if you find behavior that does not match.

  1. Different Port - Use Otto's Port to access the URLs that the data API provides. By default that port is 3030. For example, notice the '3030' in the second line below. Everything else is the same.

  2. Creating an API Key** - You do this by logging into the route below, instead of the normal FileMaker Data API login route.

    //Instead of logging into
    //login to
  3. Delete an API key

    //Instead of deleting a token at
    //delete the ApiKey at this url

Managing API keys

You can use the API noted above to manage your API Keys.

Creating an API key

We have created this FileMaker file that you can use to create API keys.

Delete a key

Otto's web console provides a simple way to delete your API keys. Navigate to https://<>:3030/app/apikeys There, you will see a list of your API Keys. You can delete them by clicking the Delete button next to the key.

Where to delete keys

You can also list keys and delete keys through the Developer API