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Uninstalling Otto

Deactivating Your License

Before you uninstall Otto, you should deactivate your license. Doing so will free up your license to be used on another server. If you are upgrading to a new version of Otto, you can leave the license activated.

To deactivate your license, either

  1. Open the configuration page on Otto’s admin console at https://[host]:3030/app/configuration with your web browser, where [host] is the fully qualified domain name of your FileMaker Server machine. For local deployments, try
  2. Go to the licensing page,
  3. Visit your account at

Uninstalling on Windows/Mac

Uninstall Otto using the UninstallOtto application in the Otto folder, as shown in the image below.

Uninstall Otto file

Uninstalling on Linux

On Linux, uninstall Otto via command line using the following commands

Prior to 3.4.4

sudo apt remove otto-app

After 3.4.4, there were two versions for Linux, one for traditional FileMaker server, and a different one for the Claris server.

FileMaker Server

sudo apt remove otto-app-fms

Claris Server

sudo apt remove otto-app-cs